Humble Beginnings

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Synopsis for Until A Man DiesBlinded by anger in the loss of his parents Donte becomes entangled in the malevolent empire orchestrated by Baltimore City’s criminal genius known as NY. In this moral battle Donte is unaware that someone he loves is using him to topple NY’s criminal enterprise

Chapter 1: The Light

  “QUICK! BRING ME A DAMN MEDIC,” shouted the older man who stood over me as he pounded on my chest. 

   “Damn…How the fuck did I get here?” I questioned myself. As I looked into the older man’s eyes there was something familiar about him. But I couldn’t concern myself with that since I was beginning to feel the chilling hand of death. And it seemed as if death constantly wanted to pull my number beforehand. Yet, this time it seemed as if my expiration could be an order. The medics immediately raced me to Maryland’s Columbia Hospital where an Air-Medic flew me to John Hopkins. My original birth place could ironically be the exact place of my departure. I think I passed out during the emergency flight because when I awoke I was on a rolling gurney accompanied by four doctors - two on each side of me.

   “Stay with us, Mr. Heart! Stay with us!” The nurses said as they fought to keep me breathing. My eyes took focus on the lights above me that seemed eager to lead me to hereafter. Suddenly, a sharp chill slithered down my spine. The same sensation one feels in witnessing a ghastly act which can numb the soul’s sensitivity.

   That sharp chill was from the Dark Ones running their distorted fingers along my spine in mockery. It would probably be a matter of time before I traveled to purgatory as most called it. I was fearful because my life wasn’t in spiritual order. The life I led was horrific. There was nothing I could do that would change the fact I could be dying. I heard many say, “Pray and He’ll forgive.” Or, “Let Him into your heart and He’ll set you free.” However, God extended numerous chances of change to me and I squandered every opportunity. On many occasions I shook my fist at Him in blasphemy. My soul grew weary from the burden of my transgressions. The production lanterns to my life were slowly dimming. The characters in my life needed to pay their respects to a final individual. And the primary individual responsible for bringing such a chaotic production together - was me.

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Synopsis for For The Love of Hate When Charley, as acting principal, halts a tragic mishap from taking place in her school she immediately gains national attention. In the spotlight Charley's forced to deal with issues she thought she had conquered. Before millions of viewers Charley unearths not only her transgressions - but the very man who tried to murder her as a child.

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

      As Charlene Arrow, nicknamed Charley by her foster sister Tatum, sat in her 1,000 square-foot administrative office, fret covered her face. Charley’s femininely defined legs were crossed and tucked beneath the Siamun U Executive Desk in an attempt at relaxation. Charley recently received the Black Oak desk with a gloss finish from the Superintendent of Cobb County School District. He saw fit to award Charley’s efforts of maintaining the integrity of their private institution, Philip Draker High, in the heart of Kennesaw, Georgia. 
      Charley lightly tapped the ballpoint pen beside her new legal pad. The legal pad contained a farewell speech to Charley’s class of graduating seniors. A liquid form of joy and past remorse trickled through Charley’s lightly applied massacre and fell to the desk’s glossy finish beside her legal pad. With Charley’s past tribulations, she felt utterly gracious to bear witness to a positive improvement of herself. In Charley’s youth her aim in life was to be a renowned ballet dancer in New York City’s Broadway. Or, in Budapest’s Hungarian National Ballet Company after studying Gaetan Vestris, who was once known to be the first ballet dancer to remove his mask. Not interesting to most, but Gaetan’s studied action was quite influential in Charley’s decision to entertain her childhood dream.   
     Metaphorically speaking, Charley was rather familiar with mask-wearing. Being the principal of a private institution of higher learning was a far cry from where Charley’s past was actually leading her. 
     “What spark of hope or encouragement could I pass to the next generation?” Charley pondered as she placed her forehead in her left hand, bright wide eyes darted across the words neatly written across the legal pad. Charley witnessed too many events in her thirty-six years of existence; pain, desolation and deceit. A distant knowledge from what any of Philip Draker’s students had been exposed to. 
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