Humble Beginnings

Current Projects

10-20 (Drama; completed)

"10-20" is a tale (based on true events) of EJ Henderson (Jah Shams), at the tender age of 13 discovers he's the core of an old family secret. Tracy (Bee-Be Smith), at birth, unselfishly gave EJ to her sister Candice, (Kimberly Bailey) who was a victim of a brutal rape and couldn't bore kids. Mentally battling the physical abuse delivered by his stepfather and verbal abuse from Candice, EJ is thoughtlessly forced back into Tracy's life. This betrayal turns the sensitive poem writing teenager into an angry drug dealing deviant. With EJ now turning his back on Tracy the streets seem to be only pacify...until "it" no longer wants him. Will EJ realize he's traveling down the wrong path? Or, will EJ listen to his own writings to save his life?  

"10-20" won HBO's Best Feature Film at Martha's Vineyard 7th Annual African American Film Festival in August of 2009; Premiered at Pan African Film Festival and nominated in February 2010; Premiering at Atlanta's Landmark Midtown Art Center in April 2010. 

UNTIL A MAN DIES (Adaptation of novel)

Because of God's order to create perfect harmony, even in death, Donte Heart loses his family. Instead of accepting the Executive Decision, Donte foolishly wages a personal war with the Almighty. With this ignorance, Donte makes good on this vow as he wreaks havoc throughout Baltimore City. However, someone other than God, less manipulative than Satan is watching his every move. 

FOR THE LOVE OF HATE (Adaptation of novel)

When Charley, as acting principal, halts a tragic mishap from taking place in her school she immediately gains national attention. Now in the spotlight Charley's forced to deal with issues she deemed to have been conquered. Before millions of viewers Charley unearths not only her transgressions - but the very man who tried to murder her as a child.