Humble Beginnings


Being born in Washington, D.C. I was taught early in my life to firmly stand alone. With that teaching, in second grade class, at John Carroll Elementary myself and a fellow class won 10th place in a national book writing contest. At that young age I remember thinking I would be the youngest author touring the nation, signing autographs for adults desiring to read the thoughts of a second grader. Yeah...youth.    

After many years of soul searching, at 25 years of age, I told my friends and family that I was leaving Maryland and moving to Georgia. So I left Maryland and moved to sweet Georgia in pursuit of my own success. After work one evening, I was returning home, while listening to a favorite cassette tape (before compact discs) made by Texas's rap artist Scarface, the idea for my first novel Until A Man Dies was ignited. I originally wanted the idea to be a movie, but I had no knowledge of screenplays, or how to write one.  

After living in Georgia for a year, I repacked my '85 Cadillac and drove to Los Angeles, California. Alone. Connecting with a college friend from Maryland and upon being guided around town by her, in my first evening, after eight years of not knowing of each others well-being I was reunited with my high school girlfriend that same night. In being a firm believer that life has no coincidences, I wrote my first HORRIBLE screenplay through an encouraging dare, which to this very day I am eternally grateful for. (Thanks, J. Lee!)

Being a man of action, in October of 2004, I decided to write my first short film Man in the Mirror to which I also produced and directed. It was entered into the New York Independent Film/Video Festival though it won no award. (I don't blame them. It was a great idea, but poorly executed.) Two years later, I met the founder of DriverSeat Productions and co-wrote 10-20, which won HBO's Best Feature Film in August of 2009 and a year later it was domestically distributed. 

Having completed my second novel For The Love Of Hate and working on two more, my first novel Until A Man Dies will be made into a theatrical feature film in June of 2013. Several actors are currently attached to it.'ll support my endeavors as an emerging filmmaker who only cares about developing thought provoking projects. See you soon!